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Patient stories

On these pages, you find testimonials from patients and caregivers, reporting about their way of coping with a severe disease. By sharing experiences with others, people can make a positive change in the lives of others living with severe diseases. Connecting and sharing knowledge with other patients and with the medical community is the key to deeper insights.


  Beátriz spent much of her youth
  and early adult years isolated in
  a world of fear and anxiety
  because of an illness that she
  knew nothing about: epilepsy.
  She was 8 years old when she
  had her first atonic seizure, but
  it took years of seizures,
  misdiagnoses and
  misinformation before Beátriz
  received a correct diagnosis.
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Rheumatoid arthritis

Alice Peterson was a promising
tennis player from a young age.
Alice loved tennis. It was her
passion. She played on the UK
junior tennis circuit and won
a tennis scholarship to study at
a university in the US. Alice started to notice pain in her right hand and put the discomfort
down to a sports injury. The pain seemed to come and go... until she was playing in the finals of
a tournament and couldn't even hold the racquet properly. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at 18 years of age and never played tennis again.

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