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Living with epilepsy since 2000 Epilepsy Advocate

Beátriz spent much of her youth and early adult years isolated in a world of fear and anxiety because of an illness that she knew nothing about: epilepsy.  She was 8 years old when she had her first atonic seizure, but it took years of seizures, misdiagnoses and misinformation before Beátriz received a correct diagnosis.

One doctor told her it was impossible to have seizures while sleeping. Another claimed the night-time seizures were nothing more than a “sleep disorder” brought on by stress.  And several years later, a neurologist asked Beátriz if she was using cocaine, because “You don’t get epilepsy at 30…unless you use drugs, have an accident, or a tumour,” he said.

Beátriz’ life took a drastic turn for the better when she found an online forum about epilepsy. “Knowing there are so many people out there with epilepsy, like me was the best therapy,” she said. The online forum also led her to a doctor who specializes in treating epilepsy and together, he and Beátriz have worked together to find a successful treatment plan. Meanwhile, Beátriz has written a book about epilepsy to help others learn more and encourage them to do all they can to find solutions for living well with epilepsy.

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