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Our UCB Cares team are available to support patients, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals with enquiries about UCB medications.


alt        PHONE        03 9828 1800 Option 3


alt      EMAIL       ucbcares.au@ucb.com


To report an adverse event

Patients please note: Your own health care professional is the best source of information concerning your medical care. Please contact them if you have experienced an adverse event. In addition, you can contact us using the email address below.


alt      EMAIL      ds.au@ucb.com


General Business Enquiries


alt      PHONE       03 9828 1800 Option 4

alt     EMAIL       csaustralia@ucb.com


To report an ethical concern or misconduct

Click here to be directed to the UCB Integrity Line







The information herein is not intended as a promotion for any of said medicinal products, but merely as corporate information.

If you are a health care professional please refer to the respective Australian Approved Product Information before prescribing any UCB product.

This information only applies to UCB products available in Australia and does not apply to UCB products in other countries. Contact details for countries other than Australia can be found on www.ucb.com.