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Key strengths

  • Empowered, multidisciplinary teams
  • World-class partners across the value chain.

Our concept of ‘Inspired by patients. Driven by science" means more than expertise across small, chemically-derived molecules and large, antibody-based molecules. It is about connecting people, science and therapies in new ways so that we gain fresh insights into the complex interconnections involved in severe diseases.

How will this make a difference to the lives of people with severe diseases

Everything we do starts with this simple question: ‘How can we create more value for people living with severe diseases ?' Regular, personal contacts with physicians play a vital role in helping us answer this question.

Empowered, multidisciplinary and multinational teams

With numerous educational and professional backgrounds, the diversity of our staff is one of our greatest assets. To capitalise on the creative potential of this diversity, we have created an open, networked environment so that our staff can share and cross fertilise ideas.

World-class partners across the value chain

We recognise that the complexity of severe diseases is beyond
the expertise and resources of a single company. This is why we partner for strength across the value chain, from drug discovery and drug development to manufacturing and marketing.


Everything we do starts with a simple question: ‘How can we create more value for people living with severe diseases?