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Welcome to UCB Australia

Our strategy to bring our vision to life


 Everything we do starts with one simple simple question: "How can we create more value for people living with severe diseases?"


UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company, with a focus on neurology and immunology.

Our business is strong. Total revenue grew to €5.5 billion in 2022. We are more than 8,700 people in all four corners of the globe, inspired by patients and driven by science.

Looking ahead, we have a solid platform for continuous growth through 2022 with our core products Cimzia®, Vimpat®, Neupro® and Keppra® and we are preparing the launches of our next wave of potential medicines to help patients with epilepsy and osteoporosis. At the same time, we are very excited about the progress in our early pipeline.

However, we recognise that radical changes are taking place in the eco-system of care and that we need to evolve accordingly.

The key element of our evolution is to focus on the delivery of increased patient value. There is no such thing as an "average patient". We want to use all the tools, channels and scientific advances at our disposal to develop a better understanding of the various expressions of a disease and embed the real needs of specific patient populations in our science and innovation process. Rather than starting researching a new drug with the science alone, we want to better connect patients with science and science with patients.

Better understanding the reality of patients living with neurological and immunological disorders will enable us to take a more holistic approach to care, ensuring that ultimately the right drug and the right care reaches the right patients in order for them to live the lives they choose.